Asend's career in urban art dates back to the 1990's and has become more practiced, versatile, and studied since.  He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 and has contributed to initiatives far and near.  His work can be seen throughout Chicago, and the US, as well as in annual events such as Art Basel, Miami, The Onou' Festival in Tahiti, and Nomad Ink in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Beijing, China.

Asend's work is both traditional and progressive.  It has a fluidity and is capable of bridging otherwise disparate visual aesthetics to connect historic themes and realistic treatment with a bold and even gritty street aesthetic.  Celebrated for his detailed line work and bold color palate, the artist can render realistic portraiture, still lives, and landscapes with the same intricacy as his graffiti work.  Some of his most interesting work blends these techniques of visual language and have been commissioned  by wide range of clients like Nike, Pandora, and Verizon.

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Calculated deconstruction... 

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Multiple disciplines merge to create photo realism, portraiture, and typography.  These projects are the likes of clients such as Nike, Pandora, Motorola, Verizon, Conversant, and Perfect Search...

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Letter studies

Color theory.  Composition.  Styles born in Chicago and developed throughout the U.S. and abroad...